What We Do

Coding and Digital Services

Our projects include dynamic product configurators, surveys, quizzes, calculators, forms, slideshows, animations, video, SSL security and much more.

We are front end developers with a lot of backend experience. Our skillset includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and MySql. We take UX, accessibility and security seriously.

What we do

More about our coding and digital services:

Custom development

We have the skills to build complex, dynamic websites with almost any feature you could want.

Our code is well-written and secure. Emphasis is placed on security, creativity, user experience (UX), cross-browser compatibility, responsive web design and accessibility.

Plugins and extensions

Plugins are used by WordPress and Joomla to expand the functionality of the core software.

Use them for e-commerce, forums, events management, reservation systems, social media, calendars, communities and much more.

Digital Services

Our range of digital services include:

  • Video development
  • Digital photography
  • Animations
  • Contact forms, surveys and questionnaires
  • Interactive website design
  • Email and newsletter marketing

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us to find out more.


We write standards compliant code to a high standard.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a programming language that is used for creating the structure of webpages. There are tags for headings, paragraphs, images, tables, lists and so on.

Good use of HTML will give semantic meaning to a webpage’s code, helping visually impaired people access our websites and also boosting SEO.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used for the presentation of webpages. This includes fonts, colours, margin, padding, dimensions and much more.

Not all browsers support every CSS selector. This must be taken into consideration by your web developer.

Javascript / jQuery

JavaScript is a programming language used to build dynamic websites and applications.

Alongside HTML and CSS, it is one of the three essential technologies of World Wide Web content production; the majority of websites employ it and it is supported by all modern web browsers without plug-ins.


PHP (PHP HyperText Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language designed for web development.

We use PHP in our projects with the open source content management systems WordPress and Joomla.


As front end developers our main strengths are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have backend experience with PHP, MySql and Java. We also work with XML, JSON, Ajax, LESS, SASS, SCSS etc.

We have considerable experience with DNS, command line, RegEx, server adminstration and much more.

We use the best web development and design software from Adobe, including Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Edge Animate, Acrobat, Illustrator and InDesign.

We have the skills to build complex dynamic websites with almost any feature you could require.