What We Do

Website Development

We develop high-quality websites that are secure, fast-loading and work in every browser. And we offer a choice of content management system to make updating your website a breeze.

We have the skills to build complex, dynamic websites with almost any feature you could want. And we bring many years’ experience to every project.


What can you expect from our web development process?

Requirements Gathering

We listen very carefully to what you want to achieve. We’ll exchange e-mails, talk on the phone and have face-to-face meetings.


We’ll make a proposal based on your detailed requirements.

Our proposal will outline the deliverables, responsibilities, costs and timeframes.


Typically this will include: –

  • Creating layouts for every page as a wireframe
  • Creating designs for every page of the website.
  • Coding the website. We use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and some others on our projects.
  • Testing that it works in all modern browsers and devices.
  • Launching your new website live on the World Wide Web.
  • Attending to any snagging issues that may be identified after going live.

We aim to exceed your expectations and deliver a successful project on time and on budget.


Some things to consider when developing a website:

Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross browser compatibility is about developing websites that work across all browsers and devices. This isn’t as simple as you would think.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites look good across a wide range of devices and screen resolutions. Including the largest desktop monitors, tablets and smartphone screens.

For example, text must be legible without zooming and navigation between pages should be easy.

Content management systems

We specialise in building content management system websites using WordPress and Joomla. These popular systems enable you to manage your own website content. Add/remove pages for free whenever you like!

User Experience, Accessibility and Security

User experience – or UX – is about how people interact with your website. We build websites that load fast, are easy to navigate and easy to read.

We build accessible websites that anyone can use, regardless of their disability or impairment.

And of course security is critical. We develop security hardened websites for complete peace of mind.

Domains, hosting and e-mail

We help with all aspects of domain name management including registration, dns records and registrar/registrant transfers.

We manage hosting on behalf of our clients. This includes shared hosting, VPS or dedicated servers, as required. Control Panel/plesk access is available to your teams if needed.

We advise on all aspects of domains, hosting, email an DNS.

We adopt a flexible approach to exceed your expectations. We use professional design software to create high-quality, accessible websites with all of the features that you require. Our watchwords are: Quality. Honesty. Integrity. And a results-driven approach.